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- In the Sun Room, Allelujah gives Yue/Yukito a scare by realising that there are two of them in one body - here

- During Brunch, Allelujah meets Badou again and the two miraculously manage to not kill each other - here

- He agreed to meet up with Joshua again that night - here

- Following that, Allelujah met Brooklyn who taught him a card game - here

- Dinner shift and Allelujah notices something wrong with Fai - here

- Allelujah goes to deliver some smoke bombs to Homura - here

- He then meets up with Joshua and Sync and the three decide to head upstairs - here
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- Allelujah gets onto Bus 1 for the Doylestown Trip and speaks with Thursday Next for a while - here

- In Doylestown, he goes to talk with Homura and the two bond a little XD - here

- On the trip back, he meets Angel and the two share some amusement at the naming conventions of the Institute - here

- During dinner, he enlists Fai's help in making smoke bombs - here

- While heading upstairs, he encounters Joshua while Indra is busy attacking Elle, and Joshua decides to tag along - here
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- Allelujah meets Cid Highwind for a chat about piloting and space - here

- After napping through 2nd shift, he met Tokito at lunch - here

- An uneventful shower shift and then he went back to his room to speak with Fai - here

- After dinner, Allelujah headed upstairs to raid the Experimental Treatments Laboratory and the Chemical Storage Room - here
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- Allelujah wakes up - here

- He goes to breakfast and guiltily enjoys a sugar filled breakfast with Archer :D - here

- In the Sun Room, he meets SubZero - here

- At lunch, he's greeted by River and finds out that she's the same as he is - here

- In 4th Shift, he meets Edgeworth to find out a little more about the History Club and talk about world affairs - here

- At dinnertime, he mets his roommate Fai - here

- Nightshift, he leaves his room and meets up with River who finally gets to meet Hallelujah - here

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