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Name:Allelujah Haptism
Birthdate:Sep 10
Website:Landel's Institute: Damned
StatsHistorySuper Soldier

Name: Allelujah Haptism
"Real" name: Jude Davids
Age: 20
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 186lbs
Room Number: M99
Roommate: Fai D. Flowright
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Left - Blue-grey, Right - Gold
Birthday: February 22, 2288
Point Taken From: End of Gundam 00 episode 23
Main Language: English
Secondary Language: Russian
Other Characteristics: His hair usually falls to cover his right eye. When his other personality, Hallelujah, is in control, the hair covers his left eye.

Allelujah spent most of his childhood in a military facility as a test subject in a programme to create a super soldier, going through many experiments and modifications which caused him to devlop a split personality, Hallelujah. He and some of the other subjects stole a small freight ship and escaped. However, with only limited food and water, Hallelujah killed the others in order to survive, despite Allelujah being content to die with them. He was picked up by a group called Celestial Being whi's mission was to use mobile suits called Gundams to bring peace to the world by intervening in conflicts. After several years of training and observation, Allelujah became the pilot of Gundam Kyrios and was involved in armed interventions against war inciting factions on Earth. As a child, Allelujah was part of the Human Reform League's Super Soldier Project. As part of this, the subjects had their bodies reconstructed using machines, their brains were messed with and they were given large quantities of drugs - this gave them better strength and stamina and allowed them to function in space much better than normal humans - It is stated that Allelujah is capable of piloting a mobile suit for a day longer than even his fellow Gundam pilots without rest or food/water.

Hallelujah is capable of scouting an area using quantum brain waves to detect danger.

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