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Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character you're applying for: Allelujah Haptism/E-0057 (his real name is unknown as of yet, but he seems to have been using Allelujah for a long time. E-0057 was his designation as a test subject).
Character's age: 20 (As of episode 11)
Character's gender: Male
Character's role in their canon: Allelujah is one of the four main Gundam Meisters in canon, which makes him one of the main protagonists.
Character’s “Real Name”: Jude Davids (Hey Jude~ Don’t make it bad)

Please give us a detailed personal history of your character:
(Just a note; I’ve skimmed over the missions where Allelujah didn’t play a major part, where it can just be assumed he was there, blowing thins up in his Gundam, otherwise this would be much longer ^^; ) (Note: Most of this first part is me extrapolating from what we’ve seen and rumours which have been heard.) Allelujah was orphaned as a young boy and was taken by the Human Reform League (Mostly Asian countries – China, Russia, etc) to be used as a test subject in their Superhuman Soldier research. During this time, he was put through many painful and prolonged tests and experiments, including those on quantum brainwaves which served to mentally unbalance the young boy, fracturing his personality (and causing his single yellow eye) into Allelujah and the much more violent and unstable Hallelujah. At this time, he met a young girl in the project called Marie who he became close to (who later turns out to be Soma, which Hallelujah realises, but doesn’t allow Allelujah to know). However Allelujah, along with many other subjects was eventually declared to be a failure and was ‘disposed of’. He and the other failed subjects were cast adrift in a spaceship with a limited supply of oxygen and very little hope of ever being found. The only possible way for someone to survive was by killing the other children in order to maximise the resources.

Faced with this choice, but unable to bring himself to kill the other children, Hallelujah surface and took control of Allelujah’s body forcibly and was able to kill the other children without remorse (he’s seen covered in blood, threatening a begging child), thus allowing Allelujah to survive.

(This is pretty much where me making total guesses starts)

Knowing about Allelujah’s past as a reject from the super soldier programme, the people in charge of Celestial Being decided to train him as a pilot for the second generation of Gundams. This included the obvious training in piloting the mobile suits (so he can probably pilot the weaker mobile suits such as Flags which are more common), but also included maintenance and engineering (we see him remaining on the Ptolemaios spaceship to help with upgrades and such at one point in the series), as well as training in stamina, speed, reflexes, aim etc, to improve his combat abilities. This training also probably included physical fighting as well, such as martial arts and use of a gun.

Eventually, a couple of years before the beginning of the series, he was chosen by Veda, the computer system apparently running Celestial Being, and was introduced to his fellow Gundam pilots; Lockon Stratos and Tieria Erde (I’m assuming that they had a good while to get used to each other, because they do seem to trust each other and work well as a team even in the first episode, and know a little about each other’s quirks, if not their pasts). He was assigned to Gundam Kyrios, designed to be faster and more manoeuvrable then the other suits, and able to change into a plane shape in order to fly more quickly. At a later date, Setsuna F Seiei was introduced to the team, although Allelujah objected, concerned that he was just a child. After training with the Gundams on simulated missions, the four Gundam Meisters were sent on their first proper mission, receiving orders from their base, the space ship Ptolemaios.

(Series canon starts)

While Setsuna and Lockon went to destroy mobile suits which had been hidden by one of the world governments, Allelujah and Tieria were partnered to stop a mobile suit terrorist attack on one of the Orbital Elevators in space. With the success of this mission, Celestial Being revealed itself to the world, stating that it would intervene in any action that it considered to be promoting warfare.

The Gundam Meisters took part in several more missions over the next few weeks, with Allelujah attacking a base camp of the Human Reform League (one of the 3 world powers), and destroying drug fields in the country of Taribia, which were seen as a conflict causing agent.

At a later date, Allelujah was sent alone to the Human Reform League’s Low Orbital Station to gather intelligence about the testing of a new mobile suit and its pilot. However, when the suit approached the Station, Allelujah suffered from severe pain in his head which caused him to lose control and allowed Hallelujah to come to the fore. A telepathic link was created for a few moments between Allelujah and the pilot of the new mobile suit, a Super Soldier of the same type as Allelujah named Soma Peiris. Hallelujah threatened to kill her, and the pain and shock drove her nearly to insanity, causing her to fire upon the space station, detaching a large segment of it (a Gravity Block) and sending it towards Earth where it would burn up in the atmosphere, killing over 200 people. While Hallelujah was reluctant to give up control, the sight of the section falling towards Earth caused Allelujah to force him back and he rushed to his Gundam to try and save the lives of the people in the gravity block, even though it violated his orders; a certain empathy with being left to drift in space. Allelujah went to assist Soma’s superior officer in trying to speed up the gravity block to keep it in orbit until the passengers could be rescued.

He ordered all of the passengers to gather in the central area of the gravity block and then, thanks to their tactician and mission planner, Sumeragi, Lockon managed to fire from the Earth’s surface and detach the two extraneous sections, allowing Allelujah to propel the gravity block back into orbit and allowing all of the passengers to be rescued.

However, Allelujah’s actions did reveal that Lockon’s Gundam could shoot targets at high altitudes, and for his actions in abandoning the mission, Allelujah was placed in solitary confinement for a week in a padded cell (episode 6) on the Ptolemaios, only released when another mission comes up as they need his skills as a pilot. After being berated by Tieria, Sumeragi, the mission planner tells him that they’d be returning to Earth and intervening in a state called Moralia, run by an arms corporation.

While their mission to forcibly disarm Moralia was a success, they are greeted with a worldwide series of bombings by a terrorist group, demanding that Celestial Being stop their interventions, otherwise more bombings would take place. After investigating information covertly sent to them by the major world powers, the Meisters tracked down the bombings to a conservative group called La Eden and destroyed their organisation.

In the three or four months following, the Gundam Meisters took part in over 6 intervention operations across the world. While having a little downtime on the Ptolemaios, the Human Reform League managed to locate them using a web of communications detection devices and launched an attack on the ship.

Allelujah was sent out in Kyrios along with Tieria to hold back some of the enemy forces, while Lockon and Setsuna protected the Ptolemaios. However, when Alleluja came into proximity to Soma, he once again suffered from crippling pain and disorientation, eventually losing consciousness. With Allelujah incapacitated, Kyrios was captured by the Human Reform League troops and loaded onto a transport vessel, with Tieria unable to reach him.

However, Halleujah awakened on board the transport vessel while the crew were attempting to cut into the cockpit. He broke out of the transport, killing all of the crew, and went back to join the battle, ruthlessly killing all who he came across until he found Soma. He engaged in battle with her, having realised that she was the same as him, a human modified to be a super soldier. He fought and nearly incapacitated her already damaged mobile suit, until she was dragged away by her commanding officer, and her lieutenant took on Hallelujah instead to buy them time to escape.
Hallelujah didn’t even bother to fight the ‘cannon fodder’ as he called the lieutenant, instead taking out his annoyance at Soma’s escape on the pilot by using a secret weapon of Kyrios, a heat blade, to pierce the mobile suit’s cockpit, taking great joy in prolonging the pilot’s death, even to the extent of ignoring Allelujah’s pleas for him to stop. This cruelty left Allelujah cyring, wondering if that cruelty was his true nature and if so, that he wasn’t even human.

While debating if he should report Soma’s true nature, Allelujah and Hallelujah conversed (Hallelujah seeming to manifest as a hallucination), with Hallelujah convincing him that the creation of more Super Soldiers was a war inciting action and that if Allelujah wasn’t prepared to destroy that facility, then he should hand over control of his body so that Hallelujah could finish the job. When Allelujah protested, claiming that they could capture instead of killing, Hallelujah replied that there was no future for creatures modified for war like themselves and that Allelujah could not escape that fact.

Allelujah did compile data on the Super Soldier facility and handed that and a mission plan over to Sumeragi for consideration, determined to prevent them creating more creatures like him and to face his own past. The mission was approved by Sumeragi and Veda, the computer system used by Celestial Being.

While Lockon and Setsuna were sent to South Africa to intervene in border conflicts, Allelujah and Tieria went to the space colony where the Super Soldier facility was located with Tieria taking out any enemy soldiers or mobile suits while Allelujah headed for the target.

The proximity to so many other unfinished Super Soldiers left Allelujah disoriented and still wavering over whether he had to kill them, wanting instead to rescue them and look after them. Hallelujah goaded him, asking how he could take care of anyone when they were just created to kill, pointing out that none of the children in the facility felt unfortunate and neither had Soma, that Allelujah’s kindness was just to make himself feel better and that one day, all of those modified children would be sent to kill them. He also mocked Allelujah, claiming that Allelujah used his other personality to make himself feel better, letting Hallelujah do the dirsty work so he could claim it wasn’t his fault. Hallelujah offered to pull the trigger himself, because he would fight for his own existence. He forced Allelujah to acknowledge why he had put the mission together, that he was doing it for himself, not because of Celestial Being and their ideals, and eventually, Allelujah cracked and in the midst of near hysteria, fired on the building ruthlessly, killing everyone inside who hadn’t escaped. As they flew away from the battlefield, Hallelujah congratulated him, grinning while crying, Hallelujah seeming to have accepted Allelujah as his other half.

The crew of the Ptolemaios released information on the experiments of the Super Soldier facility to the world press, justifying their attack and damaging the reputation of the Human Reform League.

After returning to the Ptolemaios, a very worn out looking Allelujah went to see Sumeragi, asking to share a glass of scotch with her to help him deal with what he had done. Although Sumeragi refused at first because he was underage (20) and she didn’t want to become a criminal, Allelujah countered by pointing out that they were already world renowned terrorists wanted across the globe, and that he’d just turned 20. Sumeragi offered him a drink and her congratulations on his birthday and said that he’d understand why she drank some day.

The next intervention that Allelujah played a major part in was in the Taklamakan Desert where there was a join military operation between the three world powers taking place. The four Meisters went, even knowing that they would be outnumbered (1000 to 4) and there was a good chance that they might not survive. They were attacked as soon as they appeared, and the bombardment by the enemy continued for 15 hours straight, giving the Mesiters no time to rest or eat or drink, a dire situation, even for Allelujah with his extra stamina. Once they were exhausted by the fighting, they were attacked by the various nation’s ace pilots, with Allelujah facing Soma once again. In his tired state, he was overwhelmed and defeated, with the enemy forces beginning the process of capturing his Gundam. However, without warning, three new Gundams appeared, decimating the enemy and giving them time to escape into space.

The three pilots of the new Gundams visited the Ptolemaios, introducing themselves as the Trinity Siblings Johann, Michael and Nena, pilots of the Gundam Thrones. Despite claiming to be Gundam Meisters, they reveal very little about themselves and manage to insult and annoy all of the crew of the Ptolemaios, including Michael calling Allelujah an incomplete super soldier, revealing that they know more about them than they should.

After the Trinity left, they began armed interventions, but taking on different targets which had not directly been involved in warfare, as well as Nena Trinity destroying a wedding party of innocent people because she was bored. After they attacked a corporation, killing over 800 civilians, Setsuna goes to confront them, joined by Tieria and Lockon, leaving Allelujah behind to guard the Ptolemaios (ie. He gets totally shafted for the next 5 or so episodes).

When Lockon, Setsuna and Tieria return to the Ptolemaios, they were informed that the Trinity had failed in an intervention because they were countered by the Human Reform League using mobile suits equipped with GN drives – the special engines used by Gundams, albeit a fake version of the ones used by the four Meisters. The world powers were now equipped with Gundams signalling that Celestial Being had been betrayed and someone had broken into their computer system.

It wasn’t long before the Ptolemaios was attacked by a force of 19 of the fake Gundams, forcing the Meisters into battle against a very powerful enemy leaving them looking as if they were going to lose. To make matters worse, partway through the battle, the Gundam’s connection to Veda was corrupted, leaving their Gundams essentially useless. Luckily, the Ptolemaios crew had created a backup system independent of Veda, allowing them to reactivate the Gundams, although Tieria’s Gundam wouldn’t accept the change forcing Lockon to protect him and get injured, losing an eye. Before they could be overwhelmed again, Lasse and Ian, two of the techs from Ptolemaios arrived with a new weapon, GN-ARMS, driving away the enemy forces and allowing the Gundams to return to the ship.

While watching the Trinity be attacked by the United forces, they came to the realisation that the Gundams were meant to be destroyed, bringing the world together under one flag, however, Setsuna pointed out that the Trinity and the UN had only increased the amount of warfare. Allelujah objected to the plan to intervene to save the Trinity, concerned about his fellow pilots because of exhaustion and injuries. However, Setsuna and Lasse were given Sumeragi’s blessing and returned to Earth.

A few hours later, a recorded message was received from the founder of Celestial Being, allowing the four Gundam’s access to a special function of only their Gundams, the full power of the GN drives – the Trans-Am System, allowing them to react much more quickly and attack with more power.

Setsuna soon reported in that all of the mobile suits with the fake GN drives were ascending to space to attack them. Allelujah and Tieria went to the battlefield after locking Lockon into his room so he couldn’t participate in the battle.

While at first the battle went well, the appearance of a stolen Throne Gundam left Tieria’s Gundam damaged, and Allelujah soon came under attack from Soma who had discovered his identity as a test subject from the Super Soldier Project.

He activated the Trans-Am system, giving him a strong advantage over the other mobile suits, and Hallelujah was able to block off the pain from his proximity to Soma. Despite damaging them both, they retreated before he could kill them.

Allelujah made it back to the Ptolemaios only to find out that Lockon had been killed in battle. Unable to cope with this loss, Hallelujah took control, getting them docked and back to their quarters. The next morning, he woke in Landel’s.

Please give us a detailed description of your character's personality:
A traumatic event in his childhood meant that Allelujah developed a split personality, so he has two distinct personalities that can interact with each other. The dominant personality is Allelujah while the secondary personality (which he can freely interact with) is called Hallelujah. I should probably note that the two personalities are as a result of a Multiple Personality Disorder and Hallelujah is not another entity/being/whatever that takes control of Allelujah’s body (I know that’s the case in a few other characters, such as the YuGiOh ones). Hallelujah and Allelujah are very definitely the same person. Allelujah is more the thinking, planning part, while Hallelujah is very much the fighting instinct (and when they combine they become a perfect soldier :D ).

Allelujah comes across as having a very passive personality in the series. He’s usually fairly quiet and soft spoken and is nearly always polite and respectful when he speaks, even treating people with courtesy when they insult or belittle him (for example, Tieria often insults him and his skills as a pilot, but he remains respectful). He accepts all criticisms given to him gracefully, with no protests as though he deserves them, even to the very harshest (as when Tieria says he isn’t fit to be a Gundam Meister, Allelujah just replies that he’ll do better in the future). It wouldn’t surprise me if this behaviour is something that has been trained into him as the other super-soldier created in the same place as him, Soma, acts in much the same way. In some ways, he seems quite innocent despite his age and the people he’s killed, getting easily embarrassed when he walks in on Lockon and Feldt having a private moment, or when faced with Sumeragi in a swimsuit.

He seems genuinely fond of the people he’s working with, even Tieria and Setsuna who are somewhat less than friendly, although he does sometimes voice his irritation with their actions or some of the things they’re being asked to do (as in episode 2 where he complains about how troublesome it is to have to do a live test of some equipment and later, in episode 3, muses about the weaknesses of Celestial Being). He shows concern for their well being on several occasions (such as, in episode 3, saying that they’d been worried something had happened to Setsuna when he was late for a meeting), but isn’t adverse to teasing them occasionally (as in episode 2 where he says that he’ll leave the babysitting to Lockon – referring to Setsuna). He doesn’t like friction between people he considers friends, so he will attempt to smooth things over between them or try to deflect anger onto himself as when he intervenes on Setsuna’s behalf when the younger Meister is being threatened by Tieria for compromising their mission. Allelujah claims that they were all chosen to be Gundam Meisters for a reason, forcing Tieria to back down. Despite this, he comes across as being quite awkward around people in general, not entirely sure how to deal with ‘normal’ people, having been trained to be a soldier for his entire life. He isn’t quite able to relate to them in most cases, always feeling apart from them and seeming sad when he realises that Celestial Being does affect real people. He’s never certain that he fits in anywhere, or that it’s alright for him to be there, which makes him rather awkward and shy sometimes, tending to worry about what other people think of him more than he should.

However, he has conviction that what he is doing is right. He knows what war did to him, and doesn’t want anyone else to be forced into that life, and he’ll fight for his goals even if it kills him, even when it seems likely that he will die. He knows that his interventions for Celestial Being make him a mass murderer, but is still prepared to do it to support Celestial Being’s goals.

Despite his job as a Gundam Meister, he dislikes fighting and killing, not wanting to fight if he can help it and often exhibiting horror at the evils of the world, such as the terrorist attacks by La Eden. He tends to try to disable rather than destroy when fighting, although he will kill if necessary. In many ways, he can be seen as hypocritical, or at least naïve, hating killing but allowing Hallelujah to ‘do the dirty work’ as it were, leaving Hallelujah to accuse him of doing that so he can claim that it isn’t his fault.

The other personality, ‘Hallelujah’ was created as a defensive mechanism to allow Allelujah to cope with being forced to kill many children in order to allow himself to survive. He exists as the embodiment of Allelujah’s more violent desires and generally appears when Allelujah suffers a moral dilemma about his actions. Hallelujah is brash, reckless and often psychotic, with his main goal to keep Allelujah alive and sane, he exists to protect Allelujah. He seems to enjoy fighting and killing and frequently berates Allelujah for not killing when it’s needed, forcing himself to the front and taking over on occasion when Allelujah is too reluctant to kill despite being in danger. He seems to hate everyone and everything except Allelujah, and is contemptuous of Allelujah’s hesitance to take lives. He is extremely dangerous, seeming to enjoy inflicting pain on others (while fighting another mobile suit pilot, he chooses to make the pilot die a prolonged and painful death rather than making a clean kill). However, he also acts as the voice of truth for Allelujah, forcing him to come to terms with his feelings and recognise what he is and what he has done; he won’t allow Allelujah to completely dissociate the two of them, or let Allelujah avoid taking responsibility for what Hallelujah does. He makes Allelujah acknowledge his own feelings and reasoning (as when he forces Allelujah to acknowledge why he went on the mission to destroy the super soldiers. He won’t allow Allelujah to hide behind false honour.

Despite the differences in personality, the two of them are still the same person. Allelujah, while he might not like what Hallelujah does, he sometimes does realise that Hallelujah’s way is the right one for the situation. He still dislikes Hallelujah’s cruelty, unable to reconcile the two different parts of himself, feeling conflict over whether Hallelujah’s cruelty is his true nature and whether such cruelty makes him inhuman. However, even Hallelujah isn’t just a psychopath. His entire existence was created to protect Allelujah, to take care of him and keep him from going utterly insane because of the things that he’s had to do (for example, he is able to block out the pain caused by Soma in episode 23). He also encourages and supports Allelujah at times, albeit in a sort of twisted way (he encourages Allelujah to do his best against Soma in episode 23, although he does it by telling him to go and kill them all). Sometimes, when he takes over it is genuinely about keeping them both alive, rather than just because he likes fighting (as in episode 24, when he apologises for taking over but says he doesn’t want to die yet). Hallelujah also keeps Soma’s identity as Marie secret from Allelujah (suggesting that Hallelujah can suppress memories or information to keep Allelujah from knowing it), knowing that Allelujah would never be able to fight properly against her which would probably end up with Allelujah dying (shown in episode 25).

Please give us a detailed physical description of your character:
Allelujah is a fairly well built young man with decently muscled arms and chest, although he’s still quite slim. His face is quite sharp looking and delicate and he usually has a gentle expression. He has black shoulder length hair that is near permanently covering his right eye (which he can see through perfectly because of the Laws of Anime) and dusky skin. His one visible eye is grey. The other eye is only ever exposed when his other personality, Hallelujah, comes to the fore. When that happens, his hair flips (god knows how O_O ) to cover his left eye, exposing the right eye which is a bright yellow-gold. When Hallelujah is in charge, he’s usually smirking or has a dark expression, which is quite different from Allelujah’s usual expression.

What point in time are you taking your character from when he/she appears at Landel's?:
End of episode 23. After the battle, the pilots see Gundam Dynames being towed back to the ship, only to hear Haro shouting Lockon’s name and they realise that he’s died. The last thing is Allelujah crying as he realises, so after he eventually gets to sleep after that, he wakes up in Landel’s.

What kinds of magical/special/crazy powers does your character have, if any?:
Allelujah is shown in the series to be able to use and be affected by Quantum Brain Waves (god knows what they actually are so I’m guessing based on what’s shown in the series) because of the tests performed on him as a child. It seems to be a form of limited telepathy, i.e. can talk to other telepaths, but cannot read thoughts or communicate with non-telepaths. When he comes into close proximity with another telepath, he is able to communicate with them, but this also makes him increasingly unstable, disoriented and can cause him a lot of pain. Hallelujah however is immune to this and can, if he is so inclined, shield Allleujah from the effects. I guess I should also mention this, although it is really really unlikely to ever happen in Landel’s. When Allelujah has a strong will to fight and win, it is possible for Hallelujah and Allelujah to combine into one and at that point, his battle skill increases hugely and both eyes are revealed at the same time.

If present, how do you plan to tweak those powers to make him/her appropriately hindered in the setting of Landel's?:
The fact that it’s very weak, can only function with other telepaths and pretty much incapacitates him probably counts as sufficiently hindering him. Seriously, it’s a weakness for him rather than any advantage. And dangerous for other people too. But uh… I guess to tone it down, make it so that it doesn’t hurt other characters with telepathic abilities, and after checking with Court, to make it so only active poking around in his mind causes him pain, rather than just being in the same proximity as telepaths (because otherwise he’d spend every dayshift sedated and every nightshift in utter agony). So, for example, chatting to River and her being able to pick up on things about him because she’s River wouldn’t hurt, but Schuldig actively going into his head would affect him badly. Hallelujah should still be immune to it, and able to block his own thoughts to an extent, but he won’t be able to protect Allelujah from the effects as he can in-series.

Also, they’re not going to be able to combine into one to fight (unless there’s ever some kind of huge final battle in which they need to pull out the big guns).

Does your character have any other non-magical skills or abilities that we should know about?:
Allelujah was created and trained to be a super-soldier so he obviously has a great deal of experience in killing, even if he doesn’t like to do it and often has to rely on Hallelujah to deal with the more unsavoury aspects of his life. He is skilled with a gun and in hand-to-hand combat, as well as being a skilled mobile suit pilot (not that it’ll be of any use in Landel’s ^^; ). He also has a photographic memory (he is able to put together a full and detailed report about the secret facility he grew up in, including location, presumably from memories made several years ago) and has strength, speed and endurance that is slightly better than a normal human’s would be (it’s been stated by the director that he could pilot a mobile suit for a day longer than even the other Gundam pilots) and he’s been modified to be able to deal with the adverse conditions of space better than a normal human. He also has a pretty good head for strategy, able to take in a lot of data and analyse it very quickly (he very quickly analyses data from a mission and decides that the plan was correct in episode 13). Also, Monopoly (it says so in a Japanese magazine *nodnods*).

How about improbable appendages?:
His hair? It flips when his personality switches! Seriously!

Please give us an idea of where you'd like to take your character within the scope of the Landel's Damned RP:
At first, Allelujah will probably be rather wary of the entire situation. He won’t be certain what’s happened to him or why he’s there and will probably be worried that he’s somehow been captured by one of the world powers, or, considering the hospital setting, that the Super Soldier Project has taken him back which is going to cause him a lot of discomfort. Even when he finds out that the place in supposed to be a mental institute, he will be scared that he was put there by Celestial Being because of his instability.

Although he’s a little shy around people, he still enjoys company (partly of course, to keep Hallelujah from becoming too loud) so he’s likely to try and make some friends to travel with at night. However he’ll be wary of getting too close to them in case they are an enemy of Celestial Being and also because he won’t want to risk them coming into contact with Hallelujah. It will definitely be something new to him, having contact with people who aren’t from Celestial Being and who don’t know and hate what the Gundam stand for. I’d also like to see him and Hallelujah coming to more of an understanding, with Hallelujah showing his more protective side because of the extremely stressful situation.

Because of this, as well as his guilt over killing so many children in the Super Soldier Project, there’s a good chance that he’ll end up trying to help and protect some of the younger patients in the Institute, since they aren’t really potential enemies and he’ll want to keep them from being used like he was. He’ll definitely be horrified once he heard about MU, and will likely decide that the place has to be destroyed for its cruelty.

What kind of psychological effect do you see Landel's Institute having on your character?:
Well, actually being in a mental hospital is unlikely to phase him all that much. Honestly, he’s probably been expecting it for quite a while. He knows that he is expendable to Celestial Being and he is seen in the series being confined to a padded room, so I don’t imagine him finding the initial transition too much of a shock. He’ll just be sad that he hadn’t managed to keep control of Hallelujah and worry that he’d hurt the other pilots.

Once he realises the full scope of things at Landel’s though, he’s going to have more of a hard time. His world is a staunchly scientific one, so the apparent magic of the place, with monsters and people from different universe is going to worry him since its beyond anything he’s experienced. And when Allelujah has trouble, Hallelujah has a tendency to surface. The poor boy is going to have a struggle in keeping control of his other self and that will wear at him, leaving him constantly worried. Hallelujah is undoubtedly going to make an appearance or three, and will most likely be gaining strength as the dangers of the place become apparent and the threat to Allelujah is revealed. Which is going to worry Allelujah even more because Hallelujah will probably be less discriminating over threats in such a situation.

At the same time, Hallelujah will probably also act as a stabiliser to Allelujah’s psyche. Hallelujah is a constant presence, someone who can always be counted upon to look after Allelujah and who cannot be taken away. If something comes up which cannot be dealt with, then Hallelujah can take over to cocoon him until he’s able to deal with it.

Given that this RP takes place in an unsettling and outright horrific environment, how do you justify your character as being appropriate in both body and mind for this kind of setting?: Body-wise, Allelujah was experimented on in tests to make a super soldier so he is very well suited to being involved in combat. He has been genetically modified to have better strength, speed and stamina than a normal human, and even after escaping the facility, he has been forced to keep in shape in order to pilot a Gundam and deal with the extreme speeds and G-forces that come with that.

Mentally, he has already been through a lot of horror in his life. He was brought up in a research institute, suffering through many tests and experiments which he definitely considered horrific so the day-to-day existence of Landel’s shouldn’t bee too traumatic for him. He’s used to being held against his will in a hospital environment, and hey, at least they aren’t constantly doing tests on him. He’s also seen and performed a lot of killing, both in the institute as a child, and in his current life as a Gundam Meister. While he doesn’t like killing or combat, it doesn’t phase him too badly and he has long since accepted it as a necessity. If something occurs that the primary personality truly cannot deal with, then Hallelujah also exists and is likely to take control to protect Allelujah’s sanity.

Third-Person Sample:

The hall which led to the Recreational Field was near silent so late in the night, deserted except for one lone person, their flashlight cutting only a short way into the darkness.

Allelujah gripped the borrowed knife tightly as he walked down the hallway, the flashlight in his free hand. He kept to the wall, talking note of any turn offs or other rooms, making a mental map of the place that he could use later. His footsteps sounded too loud in the eerie quiet of the place, so different to the oddly comforting silence of space when he was in Kyrios.

There was a noise from behind him… footsteps, and he pressed himself back against the wall, narrowing his eyes and tightening his grip on the knife as he turned to face it. He’d heard too many things about this place from the other inmates to assume that it was nothing. He caught sight of a shadowy figure a little way down the corridor and raised the flashlight.

His eyes widened in shock at what the light revealed and a soft gasp escaped his lips.


The man turned towards him, his own face showing surprise. “Allelujah?” He was wearing the grey top and pants of the Landel’s uniform, though his right eye was still covered by the patch. He smiled, approaching Allelujah. “You’re here too.”

Allelujah nodded numbly, lowering the hand holding the knife a little so that it didn’t look so threatening, although he didn’t lower it entirely, too wary of this place to drop his guard. He opened his mouth to speak, closed it, and then finally found his voice. “You’re dead.” It wasn’t a question. He’d heard Haro returning with Dynames and known it to be the truth.

Lockon gave that incredulous look he sometimes got, rubbing the back of his head. “I guess not. Doesn’t seem to be a big issue here.”

That gave Allelujah pause for a moment, considering what he’d heard since he’d arrived here. The bulletin messages and talk about people being alive when they should have been dead; this… this must have been the same and really, he didn’t want to not believe it.

He lowered the knife the rest of the way, a smile appearing on his face, although it was a little strained at the edges. How exactly did you go about talking to someone who was meant to be dead? Acknowledging him would probably be a good start though. “It’s good to see you, Lockon.”

“You too, just a shame it’s in this kinda’ place.”

Allelujah glanced around himself, raising an eyebrow at the other Gundam Meister in morbid humour. “We aren’t being attacked. That makes a pleasant change, I’d say,” he said quietly, lips quirking in amusement.

“There is that,” Lockon agreed with a grin which twisted in a concerned look. “What about Setsuna and Tieria? Are they here?”

Allelujah shook his head, his expression becoming more serious once again. “Not that I’ve seen. I’m not certain that I’d be glad if they were here.” Waiting for another wave of those false Gundams to attack, or being chased by monsters? Neither was appealing.

Lockon made a noise of agreement, and moved up beside him, shoulder to shoulder. “But you’re alright?”

Allelujah nodded, giving Lockon a reassuring smile. “There’s no need to worry about me.” Even if it was reassuring in a way, to have someone concerned for him.

“Where are we headed?” Lockon asked, starting to head up the corridor again, leaving Allelujah to catch up with him quickly.

“Reconaissance,” the pilots said, shining the torch up the corridor towards the door at the end. “I’d like to look outside in case there’s a route that we can use.” Although who knew what lay outside? Even if it was their world (and he wasn’t certain of that anymore), they would have no way of contacting Celestial Being. The Ptolemaios could be under attack right now with one… no, two, of their pilots missing.

Lockon stopped suddenly as they approached the door, turning slightly to glance over his shoulder at Allelujah. “Did you hear something?”

Allelujah paused, listening carefully before shaking his head. “Nothing.”

He saw Lockon’s expression harden in the darkness, that familiar wariness. “Humour me,” he said and Allelujah nodded, trusting Lockon’s instincts.

He let Lockon push him back against the wall move back beside him, looking up towards the door they were heading towards while Allelujah switched off the flashlight and stared into the darkness in the other direction.

He heard Lockon shift slightly, but ignored it until, a moment later, he felt strong arms grab his arms, wrenching them back painfully, and the feeling of sharp jagged teeth sinking into his shoulder. He made a pained noise, trying to pull away with no success (no human should be that strong!) before sharply raising his foot to bring it hard against Lockon’s shin, hearing a crack of bone splintering.

The grip faltered for just a moment, long enough for Allelujah to pull himself away. He flicked on the flashlight again, shining it directly at Lockon’s face and raising the knife defensively, not wasting any time with checking the wound. He could tell it was only shallow and he could deal with it later.

But it wasn’t Lockon… or at least, it didn’t quite look like him anymore, to the point that Allelujah wasn’t sure how he hadn’t noticed. He… it looked near skeletal with sunken eyes and his mouth was open in a wide grin, filled with sharp teeth, more than anyone had any right to possess, and Allelujah could see flecks of blood on them still.

“Lockon…?” Allelujah said hesitantly, forcing his breath to calm after the shock.

“Just kill him!” Hallelujah hissed in the back of his mind, his annoyance palpable.

Lockon… or the thing that was Lockon, took a few steps closer, almost touching Allelujah and leaning forward. It still had his face. Allelujah pressed the knife against his ribs, gritting his teeth.

“Going to kill me, Allelujah?” he asked, that terrible grin still in place. “Isn’t it enough to see me die once?”

Allelujah’s grip on the knife faltered for just a moment, but Lockon too the opportunity to press closer, wrapping one hand around Allelujah’s throat. Allelujah’s hand began to shake, the knife point slipping away from Lockon’s chest. He couldn’t… couldn’t kill Lockon. Even if it wasn’t him, it might be, would be killing one of them, one of the people he’d fought again. He lowered his gaze, breath coming a little harsher now.

“What would the others say if you were the one to kill me?” Lockon asked, the grin only widening as his grip on Allelujah’s throat tightened.

“Then I will.”

Allelujah’s shoulders began to shake and Lockon dug sharp fingers into his injured shoulder, making the blood well again. “Crying, Allelujah?” It asked cruelly.

And then screamed as the knife was plunged between its ribs. It staggered backwards and Hallelujah looked up, yellow eye narrowed and dangerous. He laughed wildly, a manic edge to it as he took advantage of the creature’s loss of balance, slashing down with the knife again.

”He wouldn’t hurt you,” he hissed, “But I’m not ready to die!” He felt the knife hit and tear flesh, only stopping when the blade hit bone. Hallelujah moved away from the wall, grinning down at the creature.

The creature staggered to its feet, most of the fake visage gone now, leaving it looking more bestial. It leaped at him, hitting his chest heavily and bearing him to the ground, but Hallelujah’s grip on the knife never loosened, and he took the opportunity to tear at whichever bit of the mimic that he could reach even as the creature bit into his shoulder again, tearing into his flesh.

Finally, it was the creature which gave up, the multiple wounds taking their toll and leaving it too weak to do much other than claw at him ineffectually. Hallelujah pushed it away and stood up, seemingly heedless of the blood staining his torn shirt. He looked down at it scornfully and then wiped off the blade on his shirt before stooping to pick up the flashlight.

Without batting an eyelid, Hallelujah pressed his foot down on the creature’s neck, crushing its windpipe. With the other foot, he calmly delivered a sharp kick to it’s skull and smirked in satisfaction as he heard the sick crack of its neck breaking.

(and a slightly more normal one)

Allelujah blinked up at the white ceiling, eyes still blurry from crying and the few hours of fitful sleep that he’d managed since the last attack. He didn’t remember much about anything that had happened since then; docking Kyrios, the faces of Tieria and Setsuna and the crew, all were blurred and unclear. He could only assume that Hallelujah had been the one to get them back to their quarters while Allelujah tried to deal with their loss. Lockon… it didn’t feel real.

It wasn’t surprising that it took him a few moments to realise that the ceiling he was staring at wasn’t the ceiling of his quarters. The cell? Had he done something? No, it wasn’t padded and he was on a bed, not the floor. He frowned, sitting up slowly ad running through a list of places that it could possibly be on the Ptolemaios and coming up utterly blank. His feet hit the floor and he stood, eyes widening at the distinct presence of gravity in the room. He nearly over balanced at first, automatically trying to compensate for the change like he did every time he was on Earth.

He looked carefully around the room, the first threads of panic growing in him as he recognised the scent of harsh disinfectant and the drab baggy grey t-shirt that he was wearing. He half expected to see wires and needles sticking into his skin, cloth patches showing where blood samples had been taken.

Nothing. He stared blankly at the yellow smiley face pasted on the front of the shirt. That place definitely hadn’t used a smiley face. He rather doubted that anyone who could have captured him would use a symbol like that on its prisoners either.

Earth or an unknown colony in some kind of facility and he didn’t know what had happened to Kyrios or the Ptolemaios. Had they all been captured or whatever this was?


Allelujah looked up at Hallelujah’s voice, visible eye widening as he caught the sound of footsteps in the corridor approaching. Their captors? The door handle rattled and Allelujah turned sharply, eyes narrowed in suspicion. He pulled himself up to his full height, wariness in every movement and moved to near the door so that he’d have a moment to see whoever entered before they saw him.

But the person who entered wasn’t a guard, but a woman in a nurse’s outfit. She looked around and then smiled at him warmly. Allelujah looked her over warily, expecting to see her pull out a needle or some kind of drug at any moment. But there didn’t seem to be anything. Not yet anyway.

The woman looked around and spotted him, smiling gently at him in a way that made him instantly mistrustful. People didn’t smile like that unless there was something terrible about to happen. “Ah, Jude, you’re awake.” She said, bustling towards him and reaching out to grasp his arm.

Allelujah pulled his arm back sharply, taking a step away from her, his expression hardening. “Where am I? What is this facility?”

The woman still smiled that condescending sympathetic smile, shaking her head slightly. “Ah, it’s probably not wonder you don’t remember dear. You were asleep when you arrived after all. This is Landel’s Mental Institute, Jude. You’re ill. But don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be fine after a while here. Lots of time to rest and get better.”

Allelujah tensed, a horrified expression flickering across his face for a moment before he quashed it. A mental institute? He shuddered at the thought. What had he done to make them send him here?

First-Person Sample:

Day/Night 2
Mission: Reconnaissance and Intelligence Gathering

Acquired map of first floor and investigated western side of building. Doctor’s offices were guarded, but creatures were dispatched. Investigated two offices before night’s end. Nothing pertaining to the true purpose of this facility found, but did acquire alcohol and cigarettes which could be useful as payment for other equipment or healing if it should be needed.

Subjects: (list of names of people met and a small description of each one)

Enemies: (list of monsters copied from bulletin which I figured would be pointless to copy out in the app ^^; )

(Attached map)

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